Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Saddened Heart

Sandra & Jerry, from The Dance Within
It is with sadness and hope, hurt and joy, that I remember Sandra Bray Wilson.  It is always an impossibly difficult time to say goodbye to anyone in your life.  I know, as a Christian, that Sandra is with God, my own father, and our angels.  She is finally whole again and she has no more pain.

We will miss Sandra terribly and our hearts and prayers go out to Jerry, her loving, caretaker and husband, through these difficult times as well as all that knew her and loved her.  Jerry and family and friends,  I hope to stay in touch, we are here for you. 

God bless Jerry and Sandra...

With Love,

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  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your friend Sandra. I will keep her family and friends in my prayers.


  2. Sandra was truly amazing and to read her bio on her blog says it all. I only just recently met Sandra over the internet through my blog and hers. We spent time speaking about being a quad and things related, but also on her life as well.

    Her husband Jerry is a true hero, her caretaker and husband of more than 20 years. It is he who I feel for the most in this. I know she is whole again with the lord dancing and for that I'm comforted...I hope Jerry can find the same...

    Thank you Ruth.


  3. Dean, I am th youngest of Sandra's neices, and I cannot express how healing it is in this time to read things like this. I knew my "Aunt Sam" (as we called her) touched many lives, and that she put her heart and soul into caring for others, despite her disabilities. She made sure that when you looked at her, you wouldn't see that chair. Thank you for you kind words.


    Sarah Giles

  4. Sarah,

    My thoughts are with you. Your Aunt meant a lot to me in the short time I knew her, I respect her and love her zest for life.

    I am here to listen...thank you for sharing such a wonderful woman.