Monday, August 30, 2010

Just A Simple Call Out

I wanted to simply say thank you to all the hero's out there that dedicate their lives to helping those that are unable.  Of course in the public eye this is the military, police, fire, and medical doctors, those men and women that serve domestically and foriegn - their service is all to often undervalued.  However, I want to thank an even lesser known group...

While the men and women of the military, fire, police and medical are spoken of in general often and specificaly infrequently, there is never a breaking news story of the woman or man dedicating thier life, serving someone living as a quad, para or other non-able bodied state.

I want to thank those men and women that provide a better life for their loved ones, and say to them, here's to you, unsung HEROS!

Your job of caregiver is selfless and often on top of another workplace demand.  It is truly amazing what you do every day for the loved one(s) in your life.  I know that what you go through is a chalenge everday, battling the feelings of not doing enough, being pulled into too many directions, feeling lost, but you pull through every day and wake to give your love again.

For those of you that I have recently connected wtih, thanks to the grace of God, I wish you well this week and hope you find some recahrge over this possibly longer holiday (at least from your regular 9-5).  You are loved, keep your stregnth!
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